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Credits and


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Credits and Acknowledgments

The Masala Mamas team would like to offer our deepest thanks to the following people who made this cookbook happen:

Andrew Jacobs, for believing in the Masala Mamas cookbook from the beginning, and making it happen.

Huseyin Arslan and AGT Foods & Ingredients, India, for following Andrew Jacobs’ lead and sponsoring the project.

Naomi Eisenberger and the Good People Fund, for being the first to support the Masala Mamas by building a proper kitchen in the slum, and for continuing to believe in GPM and this work.

UK Chief Rabbi Rabbi Ephraim and Mrs. Valerie Mirvis for never-ending support and belief in our work.

Mandie Winston and JDC-GRID and Entwine for partnership and collegiality in addressing international development and service learning.

Chef Moshe Shek for generously donating his home, his teaching kitchen, and his expertise to help train the Masala Mamas.

Chef Shrinivas and Assistant Chef Manoj of the 5-star Meluha Hotel, Mumbai, for offering special cooking lessons to the Masala Mamas.

Chef Jay Engelmayer and Annie Eisen for donating so many hours – and the use of their kitchen – to recipe-testing and photography.

Ariella Zeller for hundreds of hours of editing and proofing, and for loving attention to detail.

Adit Goschalk, Ingrid Mueller, and Avigayil Sztokman for mountains of stunning, pro-bono professional photography.

Veteran food writer Adeena Sussman for offering invaluable professional counsel.

GPM board members: Sarah Gribetz, Gladys Teitel, Shlomi Ravid, Carmi Abramowitz, Adrian Sackson and Alan Goldman for sharing and spreading, and especially Audrey Axelrod Trachtman for interviewing the women and lovingly writing about them.

Visitors to the Masala Mamas in Kalwa who offered love and friendship, especially: Bob and Carol Minkus, Matan Minkus, Jui Kemkar, Molly Pollack and Philip Gassel, Dr. Chaim and Audrey Trachtman, Naomi and Chaim Steinberger, Penny and Bob Greenberger, and Joyce and David Nachman.

Special friends in Mumbai: Nawshir Khurody, Rca Godbole, Chaya and Rabbi Israel Koslovsky, Sharon and Sharona Gulsurkar, Elijah Jacob, Nissim Pingle, Sigalith David, Herzel Simon, and Leya Elias.

Devoted friends around the world: Aviva Rosenberg, Valerie Gerstein, Sari Ganulin, Peter Geffen, Chaim and Bara Loewenthal, Roberta and Lee Schwartz, David and Aviva Janus, Sarit and Martin Kaminer, and Meylekh Viswanath.

The cheerful and eager food tasters: Avigayil, Effie, Yonina and Meital Sztokman, Claire Sztokman, Tari Sztokman, Maia Lieberman, Meital Lieberman, Noa Meltz, Sofiya Yushkovets, Noach Harel, Richard Harel and Matan Zerem.

All the amazing friends who attended Elana and Jacob’s recipe-testing party and offered so much support, and Eliana Phansapurkar for the Bollywood dancing lessons.

The kitchen team: Gloria Speilman, Sharona Galsurkar, Tressa Eaton, Eliana Zeller, Rose Pollard, Gabe Davidson, and Yonina Sztokman.

Krutika Behrawala of Mid-day for editing, proofing, and consulting.

Kalpak Raut of The Thanekars and Jui Kemkar for helping spread the word.

Art Director Shoshana Balofsky, a brilliant artist and so much more – with gratitude for the vision, the color, the dedication, the sleepless nights, and the sharing of great food, great ideas, and great friendship.

Hayley Dsouza for interviews, cultural translations, all-hour queries, and being the feet on the ground for this project.

The amazing GPM staff doing the daily work: Vishakha Kamble, David Ramrajkar, Victoria Mendez, Nikkita Worlikar, Thaiza Dias, Dennis Moses, and Rishikesh Patel, as well as the teachers and medical staff at GPM.

GPM India Director Kenneth Dsouza for so many invaluable efforts on behalf of the women, for infinite energy and wellsprings of creative ideas, and for a boundless commitment to making the world a better place.

And especially, Jacob Sztokman, Founding Director of Gabriel Project Mumbai, whose vision of compassion for all human beings infuses everything he does and inspires everyone he meets.

Thank you, todah, shukriya and dhanyavaad!


Art Director: Shoshana Balofsky
Photography: Adit Goschalk, Ingrid Mueller, Avigayil Sztokman, Vishakha, Kamble, and Bombay Arthouse
Cover photo:  Bombay Arthouse
Video: Bombay Arthouse
Social media: Sarah BenDahan Reiss, Samantha Klazkin
Recipe testing: Jay Engelmayer, Gloria Speilman and Sharona Gulsurkar
Editing and proofing: Ariella Zeller


“JDC -GRID is a proud and longstanding partner of GPM in promoting the welfare of children, women and youth in Kalwa, Mumbai. Masala Mama’s Kitchen reflects the strength and voice that mothers and grandmothers have found thanks to GPM’s initiatives. The stories and recipes will nourish the soul of every reader.”

-Mandie Winston, Executive Director,
JDC Global Response, Innovative Development (GRID)

Good People Fund

“Nothing makes us at The Good People Fund happier than seeing that our initial investment continues to “bear fruit” for years to come. Giving that first money for the Masala Mama’s kitchen has indeed done just that! We could
not be prouder of the ‘Masala Mamas’ and everyone else who has made GPM the success that it is today.”

-Naomi Eisenberger, Executive Director,
Co-Founder, Good People Fund

The Estelle Friedman Gervis
Family Foundation

“The Estelle Friedman Gervis Family Foundation is proud to support Gabriel Project Mumbai and the Dr. Gerald J. Friedman Infant Malnutrition Intervention Program that it operates in the slums of Mumbai. The Foundation provides support services for children in need, including children with physical illnesses, disabilities, developmental delays or in stressful life situations. GPM is a grantee who exemplifies our mission!”

-Barbara Gervis, President,
The Estelle Friedman Gervis
Family Foundation


“The Masala Mamas cookbook is a wonderful initiative from Gabriel Project Mumbai. Tzedek has spent the past 20 years promoting and supporting sustainable and grassroots projects that empower people, in particular women and children, to break free from poverty; and we’re honoured to be one of the GPM partners in the battle to end extreme poverty worldwide.”

-Dr Judith Stanton, Chief Executive,


“OLAM is delighted that Gabriel Project Mumbai is an integral part of our diverse and growing community of Jewish individuals and organizations working to engage the Jewish world in global service and international development. Through its commitment to collaboration, GPM embodies our deepest values. We are so proud of Gabriel Project Mumbai and ‘Masala Mamas’ and hope that the cookbook amplifies their work!”

-Dyonna Ginsburg, Executive Director,


“Gabriel Project Mumbai embodies the true definition of grassroots community empowerment. From the nutrition social enterprise run by the Masala Mamas, the Shravan Health Clinic, safe drinking water projects to the Joshua Greenberger Learning Center, GPM is forever assessing community needs and determining the best ways to meet them. Our team when in India can see, feel and hear the impact: jobs created, meals provided, lives saved. GPM has improved thousands of lives in an immeasurable way.”

-Erin Zaikis,
Founder, Sundara

Humble Smile Foundation

“A healthy smile is important for physical, psychological and social development and well-being, and home-cooked meals are the key to a healthy smile! It has been a special experience working with some of India’s Masala Mamas on our Gabriel Smiles oral health promotion project in Kalwa, Mumbai. We can all learn from the way they share their love and dedication with their children, families and community, through cooking.”

-Dr Darren Weiss, President,
Humble Smile Foundation

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Andrew Jacobs
AGT Food & Ingredients, India

Marshall Huebner
Tammie and David Slade
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The Feinberg Family
Sari Ganulin

Valerie Gerstein
Rachel Karlin
Deborah Klein
Claire Sztokman
Isaac and Daliah Sztokman
Jack and Diane Zeller


Ashwini Bhanushali
Dyonna Ginsberg
Jenny Hartin
Nancy Knight
Jeffrey Loewenthal

Joop Meijers
David Morrison
Molly and Philip Pollak-Gassel
Jayne Richman
Rachel Salston

Linda L Sendowski
Jane Shapiro
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Jacqueline Agami
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Anna and Joel Ballin
Tina and Ralph Barnett
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Sam Fleischaker
Ayala Freeman

Peter Geffen
Andrea Grant
Sarah Gribetz
Kathe Hertzberg
Dianne Hirsh
Kandy Hutman
Elizabeth Kay
Chaim Kram
Ruth Lang
Rachelle Laytner

Joanna Maissel
Naama Margolis
Leo Muller
Rochelle Oseron
Kathy Pollard
Sarah Pritzker
Adrian Sackson
Adeena Sussman
Danielle Weintraub

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