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The Masala Mamas is a book of recipes and stories celebrating
the lives and cultures of incredible Indian women
making a difference in the lives of children in the slums of Mumbai
through food and love.

An incredibly informative and inspiring book. The Masala Mamas share their powerful life stories, their kitchen tips and techniques, as well as such wonderful recipes; I just can’t wait to start cooking.

- Jenny Chandler, United Nations Special Ambassador for International Year of Pulses 2006

The Masala Mamas’ Kitchen reflects the strength and voice that mothers and grandmothers have found thanks to GPM’s initiatives. The stories and recipes will nourish the soul of every reader.

- Mandie Winston, Executive Director, JDC Global Response, Innovative Development (GRID)

Finally we have an authentic Indian cookbook for the kosher home. This fabulous collection of authentic kosher Indian recipes show the home cook how fun and accessible Indian cuisine can be in our own kitchens with easy-to-follow recipes.

- Naomi Nachman, The Aussie Gourmet and cookbook author Perfect For Pesach

Five women, wearing polka dot aprons and scrub caps, are preparing 25 kilos of dal khichdi. The simple, hearty dish will feed 100 underprivileged children who study in class 1 to 4 of Joshua Greenberger Learning Centre, a school run by non-profit Gabriel Project Mumbai (GPM).

- Krutika Behrawala, Mid-day online magazine
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In the Kalwa slum in Mumbai, India, a place that 200,000 people call home, where clean water and electricity are hard to find, harsh conditions often prevent little children from going to school. Sometimes, even children as young as 5 years old are sent to work — all to make a few rupees so they will have something to eat. But an amazing group of women is working to change that.

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Meet the Masala Mamas, a group of Indian women in the Kalwa slum north of Mumbai who are dedicating their lives to making sure children eat and learn. Every morning, the women get together in a small kitchen and cook, preparing hundreds of hot, nutritious meals for children in school. They deliver the food to the Love2Learn school run by the NGO Gabriel Project Mumbai, where kids know that if they come to learn, they will eat. It’s a win-win. Children eat, and they learn. The women are building a social enterprise that helps their families and their communities. And they do it while working to transform the lives of the children. And most of all, they do all this with love. The Masala Mamas cookbook shares the stories and recipes of these incredible women. It is a cookbook like you’ve never seen before.

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